PETER CONRAD - Music from All Those Years Ago -
 "I was there last night and was impressed with the band. I am a musican
myself and do not hand out praise unless it is deserved. 4 good musicans with diverse set list.Your songs choices were great. I do not recall hearing a band
start out with a Badfinger song. From a musical view point most of what I
heard was not the typical 1,4 and 5 chord progression. The vocals and
harmony were good. Drummer was spot on as far as timing and added some
nice touches. Gigs like the ones at Fat Cats can be challenging as you are
forced to play at a lower level which makes it hard keeping the stage level
down so it does not over ride the mains but you guys (All Those Years Ago)
did a good job!"
 - John Hempker - 6/18/16 – Fat Cat Pizza, Lancaster, OH
 "Heard from some folks in attendance last night that you guys 
(All Those Years Ago)  rocked it!"
- Kerry Patesel – 6/18/16 -  Fat Cat Pizza, Lancaster, OH
"Thank you Peter. What a great show you guys (All Those Years Ago) put
on for everyone. Your hard work showed. I had a great time! Looking forward
to seeing you play again!"
– Kay Foley - 6/17/16 – Newark Eagles Aerie 387, Lancaster, OH
Thank you were da bomb last night. We all enjoyed your performance! And what a show it you didn't expect a fill in gig to have been like that! But.....that's a Rockside crowd and they really enjoyed you being there Friday night.”
Tim McIntire – Rockside Winery, Lancaster, OH 4/1/16
Peter Conrad played some of his great "oldies" (I guess they're always old to someone, right?), convinced me to sing harmonies on "Some Kind Of Wonderful", which he segued into a Uriah Heep song I'd never heard, then we rocked "Peggy Sue" together. This is one of THE most fun musicians you'll find out there” 
– 3/30/16 - O`Tooles West Irish Pub, Columbus, OH
“I went out to Hocking Hills Winery to play breaks for Peter Conrad. He said he starts his shows slow and sure enough, by the end of the night, my second break basically never ended, as we jammed for an hour and a half, bringing EVERYONE
to their feet, dancing and yelling for more. Mr. Conrad knows how to put on a fine show, that was a real treat to be a part of. Thank you, Peter!" 

-  3/19/16 - Rick Barr - Hocking Hills Winery, Logan, OH
"What a great night we had. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
You are always a joy to hear. See you next week!" 

- Selena Abbott - 12/4/15 - Hocking Hills Winery, Logan, OH
"I spent a delightful evening at the Hocking Hills Winery, enjoying the musical talents of Peter Conrad, as he performed an array of gems made popular by The Beatles, Elvis, ELO, Badfinger, Simon & Garfunkel, and others."
– 8/1/15 - Hocking Hills Winery, Logan, OH 
"Now that was a really fun evening!! The drive to Logan OH was so worth it. Good music (including a kazoo and audience participation to whistle or sing with Peter Conrad, good friends, good conversation, good laughs, good wine too. We even closed the place down @ 10PM. We will definitely plan to do that again." 
– 8/1/15 - Hocking Hills Winery, Logan, OH 
“We came to the Hocking Hills Winery and Peter Conrad was great!! Thank you!” 
– 5/30/15 - Hocking Hills Winery, Logan, OH 

Fabricated Fours: Abbey Road on the River 
If you loved George, the quiet one: 
Peter Conrad; Fri.-Sun.
     "Poor George, everyone overlooks you and your brooding, intense genius. But not Peter Conrad, member of the Traveling Beatleburys and keeper of the George Harrison fan club flame. Conrad will give a solo acoustic performance of George songs from his Beatle days, his solo career and his time as a Traveling Wilbury".
 - by Rudi Greenberg & Shauna Miller - Express Night Out - Weekend Pass (Arts & Events, Music) - Washington, DC - Sept 1, 2011 
Meet Red Crosser / Beatles-Inspired 
Musician Peter Conrad 
By: Daniel Meltzer, Communication Intern 
RED CROSSroads A monthly publication of the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region August 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere: 
Red Crosser Supports Mission in Creative Ways
July 13, 2011 by Ami, AmeriCorps Superstar

Traveling Beatleburys travel all the way to Louisville 
     "As I passed through the Fountain Stage area at Abbey Road on the River   this past weekend, I heard familiar tunes performed by a group appropriately named The Traveling Beatleburys. A series of fortunate events brought an amazing mix of musicians together and they found a home at Abbey Road on the River in Louisville. Peter Conrad, the guitarist and vocalist for The Traveling Beatleburys, appeared at Abbey Road on the River in some capacity for the last 10 years, sometimes as a solo artist, but mostly within a group." 
     "The Traveling Beatleburys engaged the crowd as they belted out tunes ranging from The Traveling Wilburys, The Beatles, George Harrison, and the British Invasion.  I was mesmerized listening to these guys relive the glory days and celebrate The Beatles at Abbey Road on the River.  After the show, I caught up with Peter and the rest of the gang to hear their story and how this group came together, much like that of The Traveling Wilburys.  The group talked with me in the scorching heat just off stage."
      "Kevin Ashba (keyboards and vocals), Peter Conrad (electric, acoustic, and slide guitar; vocals), Sam Pellegrino (acoustic guitar and vocals), Phil Berube (bass guitar and vocals), and Bruce Goll (drums and percussion) traveled to Louisville to play Abbey Road and play they did. The band members come from three states and now play together as a result of friendships in the music industry, a love of music, and a desire to entertain the masses. 
    Peter explained, “to bring The Beatles alive is an honor, to do it at Abbey Road is a pleasure.  I love seeing all the families here dancing and enjoying the festival”. The set was amazing to witness. Peter rocked out with his George Harrison inspired guitar, while Bruce banged his drums. Kevin brought new meaning to George Harrison music with enthusiastic keyboard and vocal contributions, and Phil made sure the bass was just right, in all the right places. Sam brought his acoustic artistry to the forefront of the performance while smiling and entertaining the crowd."
     "As to other musical accomplishments, the list is long, and distinguished. Peter began playing guitar in1964 and has been featured in many groupings.  Peter released “Half Alive” in 2005, “Goodbye George” in 2002, and Peter Conrad Live!in 1994. Peter’s early influences include Clapton, Harrison, The Who, Elvis, The Traveling Wilburys, and the Rolling Stones. Peter handed me a CD after we chatted and I played it on the way home.  WOW!  is all I can say.  If ever you have the chance to see any combination of this group, take it! Peter directs his fans to the website at  for more information about the band, performances, and the history of the members."
     - Allison Ray - Louisville - 6/6/11 
Abbey Road on the River 2011: Louisville gets its Beatles Fix
"Thursday, May 26 marked the first of five days of Beatlemania on the Belvedere.  Day one had a shaky start due to the rain.  I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Rain, rain, go away… We’ve had enough already.” Things began to pick up in the afternoon as music flowed both indoors (inside The Galt House) and outdoors on various stages. I saw a small portion of The Traveling Beatleburys, who played in the nice, dry indoors.  They put on an entertaining show and were a good way to get the party started." 
- - 5/27/11
The Traveling Beatleburys put on one of the best shows, putting their own spin on songs performed by members of the Traveling Wilburyswhich included, of course, George Harrison. They extended the numbers as one can do on stage, instead of merely trying to imitate the sound on Beatle recordings. Then they covered songs by other Wilburys, including Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.  
 the, Washington, DC – 9/7/10
"Where else can you find a Wilbury band, born of the ensembles & friendships enjoyed by bands who love the music at Abbey Road On The River? That, my friends, is greatness. Have you missed them?  Why?" 
-  Gary Jacob (promoter of Abbey Road On The River) 1/27/08
     Pete Best, original drummer for the Beatles (1960-62), will headline the "Benton George Harrison Beatle Fest" Oct. 4, 2008 in the southern Illinois town of Benton. The annual tribute to Harrison - who visited his sister in Benton during the summer of 1963, several months before the Beatles hit it big in this country - celebrates that event. It was Harrison's first visit to America and 5 months before The Beatles were seen and heard on the Ed Sullivan Show. His sister, Louise Caldwell, was married to an American engineer working in Benton at the time. The event will take place at the Benton High School gymnasium and also at the Hard Days Nite Bed & Breakfast, located in the house at 113 McCann St., where Louise lived and George stayed for two weeks. Benton is about 80 miles west of Evansville, along Interstate 57 between Marion and Mt. Vernon, IL.
       Besides the Pete Best Band, other performers will include Peter Conrad (of the Traveling Beatleburys), After Beat, Warren Batts (formerly with Bill Haley's Comets), Gabe McCarty (one of the original 4 Vests that George played with during his 1963 visit), and others. 
There will be an Abbey Road photo area, a question & answer session and a noon concert by Peter Conrad at the Hard Days Nite B&B, where Peter will be debuting his new song “113 McCann.” The song is a 5-minute chronicle of the events surrounding George’s 1963 visit to his sister Lou’s house, of the same address, its eventual rescue from the wrecking ball, and its current status as a Bed & Breakfast / Beatles museum. 
     The main concert at the Benton High School gym begins at 6:30pm with Peter Conrad, followed by After Beat at 7:00pm with the Pete Best Band hitting the stage at 8:00pm. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
- the Evansville Courier Press – Evansville, IL – Sept. 2008

 A year has passed since we lost the Quiet Beatle, but George's legacy speaks louder in death than it did in life.  Riding a fresh wave of George-related media intrigue (along with the November release of his last solo album, Brainwashed"), local singer-songwriter Peter Conrad will spearhead this Harrison tribute, featuring electric and acoustic covers of old tunes and spirited group song-alongs of "My Sweet Lord" and "All You Need Is Love". Conrad will also unveil his own tribute tune, "Goodbye George". All proceeds go to the Columbus Cancer Clinic & Wellness Community.   
   - The Other Paper, Columbus, OH - 12/5/02
This benefit for the Columbus Cancer Clinic will be split into acoustic and electric halves.  The acoustic portion will feature Collette Marie, Dan Orr, Tim Stridsberg, Colin John, Jerry Flaherty, Mike McGannon w/ Jack Wilce and Jim Volk.  The electric half: the Peter Conrad Band and Delyn Christian & the DCB.  Also expect an all-participant' singalong of "My Sweet Lord" & "All You Need is Love", a trivia contest and an auction.  Admission is $7:00 at the door.   
   - The Columbus Dispatch, Music Section - Dec. 5, 2002
 - Table Talk by Gary Seman Jr. 
 A new bar in the Grandview Heights area will give you the opportunity to put something besides a brain between those two things that stick out of your head.
  Jerry and Margo Flaherty will open sometime this week the Thirsty Ear Tarven, 1200 W. 3rd Ave., a place where you can get a beer, food and some ear candy. Thirsty Ear, a music-theme club (get it, quench your thirsty ears), is in the location formerly occupied by O'Bryan's Tavern, which the Flaherty's took over ownership in September. The new music club will feature local and national acts, Flaherty said. The regular entertainment schedule includes an Acoustic Open Stage hosted by local musican-songwriter Peter Conrad on Thursdays, blues/rock on Fridays & Saturdays and jazz on Sundays. 
 - This Week in Clintonville-Beechwold Newspaper - March 23, 1998